Santa Maze

4.6 ( 6806 ratings )
Игры Боевики Головоломки
Разработчик Michael Hourigan
0.99 USD

Santa Maze features a unique and clever series of color maze-like puzzles to guide Santa through. In higher levels you will find faster action and some renegade candy canes trying to send Santa back to the beginning.

Santa Maze is simple enough for young players, and the higher levels are challenging and faster-paced for more skilled players.

Guide Santa from the top of the puzzle to the bottom by tapping on adjacent rooms. Here’s the first catch: Santa must go through the colored doors in order. For example, red, then green, then white, then repeat. Or light blue, dark blue, white, then repeat. Dropping through the last door at the bottom gets Santa through the chimney and on to the next game. It sounds deceptively simple, but each maze in the highest level can take over 30 moves to solve.

The second catch? In higher levels, one or more renegade candy canes will be roaming the halls. Bumping into one will send Santa back to the beginning, unless he can slip by. Just don’t let Santa get caught in the same room as a candy cane.

Four mazes. 40 levels. 5 puzzles per level. And some feisty candy canes trying to get in Santa’s way.